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Best ads networks platform for publishers in 2023

# Best ads networks platform for publishers in 2023 :

If you are a follower of our Note Info blog, you will know that in a previous article we talked about the difference the Blogger platform, and the WordPress platform, and the difference between them paved the way for you to have the right thread to create your first personal website.

We also did not forget you in another article if you want to raise your site on a private paid hosting, and we introduced you to the best 8 hosting websites for your new website in order to start choosing what suits you and according to your financial ability.

Best ads networks platform for publishers in 2023

Then we talked are about the best domain name selling services to make your site professional, and we prepared an entire article for you about the Best Domain Names Registrars providers for 2022, and it will help you a lot to find the best source for getting a private domain name for your site.

After your success in going through all the steps previously mentioned in the previous lines and launching your site on the Internet, you will go on your journey in the world of blogging and writing the best content and get visitors to your website from search, and it becomes a good website for visitors.

You will move to the most important step in all of what we mentioned previously, and the question that you will ask yourself is how to earn money on my website.

It is a step that all bloggers, content creators, on the Internet takes, In this post, we will focus on the owners of blogs and websites.

We will try to show you a map of the best display ad networks for publishers, which will be one of your goals in the future to register in one of them and become one of its publishers.

What is an Ads Network? And How is it Work!

Advertising or Ads Network is a marketing plan that is placed on a specific page or pages and its goal is to bring the largest number of visitors to any product, enter it, interact with it, or buy it.

The appearance of advertisements varies according to the intermediary company that provides this type of advertisement, which will be the party that brings visitors from the publisher who owns the site to the advertiser who buys advertising space from site owners for a certain amount determined by the intermediary company with certain criteria.

The Types of Ads vary according to the place in which it is displayed (print ads, television ads, radio ads, video ads, website page ads...), and the Types of ads vary according to the place in which it is advertised (video ads, image ads, banners, pop-ups, Audio ads, phone ads...).

Are ad networks important for advertisers and publishers?

Marketing methods through advertisements are the most important destination for large and small companies, project owners, or anyone who has a specific product that he wants to sell.

And earn money from the Internet by displaying ads on the site, The most important goal that all website owners seek.

Therefore, you will find that there is a mutual interest between the advertiser and the publisher in terms of the goals they want to reach.

So ad network platform companies provide you with this mediation between advertisers and publishers, and the mutual goal is achieved in return for a commission that this company takes while managing the ad network inventory it manages.

How to pick the right best ad networks for me?

There are some important things that you should keep in mind before searching for the best ad publisher for a website and subscribing to it as a publisher and making money from ads.

Advertising inventory for the advertising company

Many sites on the Internet are public sites with a variety of content, and your site may be one of them, so many types of targeted and non-targeted visitors enter these sites.

One of the priorities that you should put in your mind, and the reason, is the number of inventory Advertisements for the company and the number of advertisers it has.

Whenever the advertising stock is large for the advertising company, there will be an advertisement for each segment of visitors, and this will bring you great profits the more visitors to your site.

Advertisement appearance and its types

There are many forms of ads offered by the ad network platforms, so you must determine the type of ads you want to display on your site.

It will help you if to read review the terms of use of the company’s policy or search for reviews of the company if the good or bad company, and determine the appropriate formulas for ads that match your content.

Ad unit pricing

Every company has a method for calculating the price of ad units, and you may hear a lot of different terms for calculating the price of ad units.

Most, but not all, advertising companies adopt a policy of paying for the number of ad unit appearances, and it is called the term (CPM), where the profits will be calculated by the number of ad unit appearances for the visitor, and from it the financial value for that.

All companies follow a policy of paying per click on the advertisement called (CPC), whereby profits will be calculated by clicking on the advertisement, entering it, and interacting with it.

What is the most and best advertising platform?

Google AdSense

Best ad networks platform for publishers in 2022

The Google Absence Ads platform is one of Google's affiliates and is considered one of the largest sources of income for the company, and one of the best ad networks for publishers, which you can say without exaggeration is the number one on the Internet in the service of selling ads.

The Google Ads Sence platform displays advertisements on sites through the technology of matching advertisements with written content so that there is good targeting in terms of the ad inventory on the platform, and increasing profits for publishers who have a Google AdSense account.

The Google AdSense platform supports many forms of ad units, profits are calculated by clicking on the advertisement (CPC), and the price of the advertisement varies according to the country, the type of visitor, interaction with the advertisement, and other things.

Ezoic adnetwork

Best ad networks platform for publishers in 2022

One of the rising companies in the field of selling ads, where the ezoic platform uses artificial intelligence techniques and machine learning algorithms to simplify the management of ad units and increase profits for publishers.

Ezoic is one of Google's most important certified partners for publishers and advertisers, and one of the most trusted partners of several services including AdSense and Google Ad Manager for advertising services, and a partner with Cloudflare, JW Player, and Flippa for electronic exchange.

The company relies on calculating profits by advertising appearance (CPM) and by clicking on advertising (CPC), and by means of artificial intelligence and improvements that the Ezoic platform offers you, it promises you to increase your profits up to 60% than usual.

ClickAdu publisher network

Best ad networks platform for publishers in 2022

The Clickadu advertising platform is one of the emerging and relatively new platforms on the scene, as it enables advertisers and publishers to increase their profits through the best techniques used in the study of advertisements and machine learning.

Clickadu ad network contains many ad formats that meet the needs of all websites (banner ads, pop-up ads, direct link ads, video ads, and mobile ads...).

Earnings are calculated by appearances per 1k visits, and by clicking and interacting with the advertisement.

The Clickadu platform provides many payment methods available such as (ePayments, Epese, First Choice Pay, Paxum, PayPal, Payoneer, and Web money) and the minimum amount you can get is 10 dollars on PayPal.

adsterra ads review - Read full article

Best ad networks platform for publishers in 2022

The adserra ad network platform was established in 2013, and it is one of the most famous advertising companies on the Internet.

It has received many adsterra reviews on many sites and won the greeted of many users, publishers, and advertisers, which made it widely known on the Internet.

Adsterra publisher at the time of writing this article works with about 20K or more with registered publishers on the platform, more than 15K brands, private and public agencies, and other advertisers.

The adsterra ads platform accepts all sites without problems and without more conditions and enables publishers to have several ways to display ads on their sites (adsterra video ads, adsterra direct link, pop-up ads, banners, Native banner, adsterra social bar).

Payments on the Ads Terra platform are calculated by show advertisement and by clicking on the advertisement (adsterra CPM), and it supports many payment methods including (PayPal, Web Money, paxum, wire transfer, bitcoin, tether), and the adsterra minimum payout is only $5 on Web Money.

propeller ad network 

Best ad networks platform for publishers in 2022

The propeller ad network is an advertising platform that is no less famous than what we mentioned from the previous advertising companies.

The company was founded in 2011 and currently receives more than 750 million views of the advertisement daily on the Internet.

The company supports a variety of different ad display methods (propeller ads video ads, Push Notifications, In-Page Push (Banner), Interstitial, Vignette banner, and Direct link (Direct ads).

Profits are calculated on the propeller ads platform by displaying or clicking on the advertisement and several other methods (propeller ads CPM, CPC, CPL, CPI, and CPA).

Has support several payment methods including (PayPal, ePayments, Web Money, Payoneer, Skrill, and bank transfer), Payment is made every Thursday when you reach the $5 minimum payment.

HillTopAds Advertising Network

alt='Best ad networks platform for publishers in 2022'

One of the rising sites in selling ads is the Hilltop Ads platform, which provides publishers with money from sending traffic to ads, and the platform accepts all publishers with large sites or small and emerging sites.

Payment is made from the Hilltop Ads platform upon reaching the amount of $50 through several payment platforms including (PayPal, Payoneer, Paxum, Web money, and ePayments) in addition to several other payment methods available from them via cryptocurrencies.

The platform provides many ways of displaying advertisements, including (Mobile banners, display banners, mobile pop under, in-player ads, instant messages, and popunder).

The profits are calculated by displaying the advertisement (CPM Cost per Mile).

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