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The best solution to speed up your slow website due to Google AdSense ads

# The best solution to speed up your slow website due to Google AdSense ads :
When you want to create your own site and put all your personal interests, the time will come for you to ask, isn't it time for me to get some money income from my own site?

The best solution to speed up your slow website due to Google AdSense ads

Making money with Google Ads is one of the most famous and best ways to help you add a side or basic income to you, through their advertising platform provided by Google, which is the AdSense advertising company.

We explained in a previous article on our blog about the Best ad networks platform for publishers, and most of them consider Google Ads an alternative, but to be very clear, there is no alternative to AdSense ads in terms of profits.

Google ad manager AdSense uses the method of calculating earnings by clicking on the advertisement (CPC), where your earnings are calculated on AdSense when the visitor clicks on the advertisement.

The type of visitor, the country of the visitor, and the type of advertisement determine the price of a click, so it is not excluded that you will get more than $5 on one click.

And in some cases much more, so you should pay attention to the type of best content that you place and target good countries, for example, United States of America.

What after linking my site with AdSense ads?

Now you will ask me what after display Google Ads on my website?

I can literally tell you, that this is where your site speed problems start.

One of the worst problems with Google AdSense ads is the JavaScript code of their ad units.

When you place ads on your website, your site speed will decrease in half, and this will affect the visitor's experience when browsing your site.

The speed of your website is one of the most important things that you should have put all your interest in, and the most important ways to improve your site for search engines (SEO).

And also Google recommends and makes sure the speed of the site is one of the reasons for its tops it in search engine results.

So, what's the solution? How can I speed up my site without deleting the Google Ads code for a website?

There are many explanations on the Internet that explain how to speed up your website with AdSense ads, and I am one of the people who suffered a lot on one of my sites from this problem.

And I assure you that most of the explanations, if I did not say all of them, are incomplete and will not solve the problem for you.

Therefore, as a person with a simple software background, I tried to access a simple code that helps me to delay the appearance of ads on the site until the visitor goes down a little, and there the Google AdSense ads will be downloaded and displayed.

The code has been tested on one of my sites and I will show you by experience the speed of my site before placing the AdSense ads code and after placing the code, and you will be surprised by the difference in speed.

Testing the speed of my website when you put the AdSense code directly.

The best solution to speed up your slow site due to google Adsense ads

Testing the speed of my site when you put my code.

The best solution to speed up your slow site due to google Adsense ads

Explain how to add this code to my website (Blogger template required)

This code works only on blogger templates, and it is possible at another time that we will put a code for the WordPress platform.

So you must follow the steps for placing the code in your template correctly.

In order for the process to succeed, you must delete the JavaScript code from all your ad units, but you can try it on one page to see if the method works for you.

<script async src="" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>

  • After Deleting the code above from all your ad units and also from your template, if any
  • Go to your blogger template settings and go to the <Appearance> option.
  • You will find a red button with an arrow next to it.
  • Click on the red arrow to bring up other options.
  • From the options, choose <keep a backup>, it will help you during any error in your template.
  • Now choose the <HTML> option.
  • You will be taken to your template codes page.
  • Scroll down to the end of the template, and you will find a tag called </body>.
  • Above the </body> tag, we put the following code as it is after copying it.
  • Don't forget to change the ID <XXXXXXXXXX> with your AdSense ID

  • Now save the template
  • Go to your site or the page you want to test on, and you will notice that the place of the ad is there, but the ad does not appear
  • Try to go down with your mouse a little bit on your site, and you will find that ads have appeared

Do not forget to put a comment if the method has worked for you, as well as publish it so that as many people as possible can benefit from it.

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